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Reflecting on ‘Social Leadership Daily’

Just over a year ago i started the Social Leadership Daily work as a ‘Community In Practice’, for sixty seconds every day. It was, as much as anything, a chance for me to challenge myself, in terms of making something … Continue reading

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Our Many Voices

I’ve been writing about ‘voices’ today: the many that we hold, and the ones that go unheard. Voices can be gifted within a formal system, or claimed within social ones, and when considering Social Leadership, which exists at the intersection … Continue reading

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Intent into Effect

Organisations are entities of effect: that is their purpose, and their design. To achieve something defined, be it an act of manufacturing, invention, or change. What they do, and how they do it, is widely differentiated. But at heart, when … Continue reading

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Togetherness – Otherness

I’m putting it on a page for the first time. Sharing the words that start to form around the idea. In various threads of work, from the new chapter of Quiet Leadership, through the Community Builder work, and the Landscape … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on ‘The Learning Science Guidebook’ #2 – The Creation of Meaning

Today i am #WorkingOutLoud on the Learning Science Guidebook. This post is a fragment of an idea that i will share with Sae, and explore in our joint writing through this week – and shared as such – imperfect work, … Continue reading

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The Humble Leader – Launches Today

My new book, ‘The Humble Leader’ launches today. It’s a short book, a beautiful one i hope, that acts as a guided reflection on humility in Social Leadership. Whilst this is the shortest book that i’ve ever written (i am … Continue reading

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All About Power

One of the central features of the Social Age is a rebalancing of power, held into a shift towards more multi dimensional landscapes of power. In general, we see that the individual, with Social Authority, held within community, can find … Continue reading

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Stories from Berlin

I’m off to Berlin today: as well as some smart clothes and a good pair of boots to walk around in, i’ve packed my camera. I’ll have some time to explore, and the experience of walking round a city, ferreting … Continue reading

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My work over the last two years has involved diving quite deeply into the ‘Social Currencies’ that bind together (or drive apart) our social context. This is a world governed by gut instinct, feeling, the things we ‘believe’ or hope … Continue reading

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The Stories We Hide

We grow out of stories: the ones gifted to us by our family, or imposed upon us by society. These stories shape us, and sometimes we celebrate them, or choose to leave them behind. In many ways we are nothing … Continue reading

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