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Quiet Leadership Research: Grace

The final section of Quiet Leadership explores the notion of ‘Grace’, described as a fluidity of leadership, an agility of style and response. It’s about constant course correction, to find an individual expression of leadership in the smallest of actions: … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership Research: Fairness

This is the third of four articles sharing an early interpretation of the Quiet Leadership research from the first two cohorts. This piece considers ‘Fairness’: these results are still very small scale, so not shared as a final version, but … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: With Kindness

This week i am sharing extracts from the Quiet Leadership Guidebook as i write it: the book is based around 8 questions that you can use as a foundation for conversations with others. This section considers one of the questions, … Continue reading

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How Stories Collide

As social creatures, we communicate in stories: small and safe ones to establish commonality, membership, and trust, and bigger, more complex ones, to share ideas, or in service of finding new meaning. But stories are not like bricks: when you … Continue reading

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If kindness is a social currency, then it is not evenly distributed between us all: we tend to spend it, invest it, hold it, within a network of broader social ties. We tend to be more kind to those who … Continue reading

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The Role of the Storyteller

Alongside more formal programmes, i increasingly find value in facilitated open sessions, ‘sense making’ spaces where people can bring their own agenda: this piece explores the role of the Social Storyteller in facilitating these spaces. I have written more widely … Continue reading

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The Humble Leader

Today i completed the manuscript for ‘The Humble Leader’, a reflection on humility in Social Leadership. It’s structured as a series of standalone pieces, each of which consists a personal reflection, and some questions to ask of ourselves or others. … Continue reading

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To Build Gateways

As communities find their unity, they build their walls: the forces that bring us together also hold us apart. One role of Social Leaders is to build gateways, and to be mindful of how those gateways are guarded: it’s not … Continue reading

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Community Building: Space and Gateways

Just #WorkingOutLoud today to share two new illustrations around the Community Building work. This first one is about our role as Community Builders: it sits alongside a questions that asks which ‘self’ people can bring into a Community. It’s part … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: How Do You Experience Fairness?

Part 3 of the Quiet Leadership work explores the notion of ‘fairness’: how do we experience it, who is responsible for it, and what are the tensions that act upon it? In the metaphor of the Organisation as Ecosystem, i … Continue reading

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