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Evolution of Structure in the Learning Organisation [Pt 1]

In the introduction to the Learning Science book, i’ve been playing with language around structure. It’s partly a context setting piece: as the nature of knowledge changes, as learning technologies innovate and mature, and as the social context of work … Continue reading

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Learning Ecosystems: #WorkingOutLoud on Learning Science

This post is part of #WorkingOutLoud on the Learning Science Guidebook, and considers the notion of the Learning Ecosystem. This section has taken us a couple of weeks to write, with two of our evening ‘workshops’ to kick it around. … Continue reading

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Clinging On

On holiday last week i found myself walking down a green lane in Wales, clearly an ancient boundary. The road was sunk down maybe ten feet, eroded by the feet and hooves of countless journeys, topped by a mound of … Continue reading

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Leading at the Intersection: Challenge and Opportunity

Social Leadership describes a form of leadership at the intersection of formal and social systems: as our Organisations become increasingly blurred, multi-dimensional, with less distinction between the ‘owned’ and ‘influenced’, more permeable, fluid in organisation, or simply fearful or desperate, … Continue reading

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Lost in the Story

A thing i love about being a father is bedtime stories: we choose a book (or two…) from the shelf and settle in, with a favourite teddy, to read together. We have special seats to do this in, special cushions … Continue reading

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Broad Shifts in Organisational Learning

I keep revisiting these ‘broad shifts’ in Organisational Learning, partly in response to my thinking evolving, but largely in search of simplicity. At the most elemental level, what is actually different? This sketch captures three aspects: a move away from … Continue reading

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Learning Transformation Map – Things to Leave Behind

Over the last couple of weeks i have shared a few pieces around Learning in 2020, with a focus on things that Organisations need to do more or, be experimenting with, or learning how to do. I thought that i … Continue reading

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Domain to Dynamic: The Tension We Need

In a short series of posts, i’ve been exploring the evolution of Organisational Design, to take us from a Domain based strength, to a more Socially Dynamic one. In this, the sixth post, i introduce the notion of Dynamic Tension, … Continue reading

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Not One But Many: The Interconnection of Tribes

Our challenge in building the Socially Dynamic Organisation is not to build one unified tribe, but rather to interconnect the many. The thing that we want already exists: tightly trust bonded groups, repositories of tacit knowledge, effective ‘sense making’ entities. … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud On The Dynamic Change Book

I’ve put this week fully aside as i work towards completing a first draft (alpha, early stage, preliminary and suitably caveated) manuscript of the next book, which is about organisational change in the Social Age. It may be called the … Continue reading

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