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Quiet Leadership: Breath

Quiet Leadership explores leadership through the smallest of actions: in that sense, it is neither glamorous, nor programmatic. Rather it is about the connections between the self and the system, between the smallest and largest, between the leaf and the … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: Nobody Alone

Quiet Leadership recognises that the Organisation is like an ecosystem: yesterday i shared a piece that explored this. Today, as i continue writing the Guidebook that accompanies the journey, i consider how none of us, alone, can save the system. … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: The Organisation As Ecosystem

I am #WorkingOutLoud to share writing from the Quiet Leadership book that i am working on. This piece is a rewrite of several previous descriptions of the Organisation as Ecosystem, and i hope will form the start of the first … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: The Organisation as Ecosystem

Today i am #WorkingOutLoud to share more of the emerging illustrations from the Quiet Leadership work: this one explores the ‘Organisation as Ecosystem’, a theme i have circled around from a number of directions in my broader work, but which … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: Degrading our Ecosystem

Every day, through small actions, we both enhance, and degrade, the ecosystem that we exist within: in the work on Quiet Leadership i consider the Organisation itself as an ecosystem, a forest, filled with trees and shrubs, streams and rivers, … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: Things That We Give, Things That We Take

I am #WorkingOutLoud as i develop the writing around Quiet Leadership: an exploration of gentle actions that draw strength into our systems. Today i am considering the Organisation as an Ecosystem, and that in each day we take some things … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: Growth

Does your power promote growth? How often is the effect of our power experienced as space to grow, or as ivy that chokes out the light? Our intention is not enough: it is the action that counts, but we are … Continue reading

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#FutureWork [Pt 4] – Office into Ecosystem

I am writing a series of essays exploring #FutureWork: these are fragments of thought, not presented and ‘answers’, but rather provocations for conversation. Today i am sharing a piece which considers what work will look like when the Office fully … Continue reading

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#FutureWork – a Series of Imperfect Essays

This week i’m sharing a short series of imperfect essays exploring aspects of the evolution of work, and the Organisations that it takes place within. Specifically, i am not trying to make this a coherent and congruent view: there may … Continue reading

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Guide to the Social Age 2019: Belief

This post is one of a series exploring aspects of the Social Age, written as i complete the sketch map for 2019. Belief: Organisations exist in many different ways. They are legal entities, which give them security and defined power, … Continue reading

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