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In the Library

I am in a library. The library actually, at Middlesex University, where i’m studying. Except that i’m not: i’m drinking Starbucks and typing. And i’m not quite sure why i’m here. On campus. Alone. I’ve walked around, which did not … Continue reading

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The New World of Work is Not Work

Yesterday i ran the first of six sessions in California, exploring aspects of the Social Age: we started by exploring where we go ‘Beyond Organisations’, and today i will move into ‘The Storytelling Leader’, before tackling ‘Innovation & Disruption’, and … Continue reading

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Ecosystem change & Organisational Design [part 1]

Where will we go, beyond Organisations? Much Organisational Design today is based upon outdated principles of collectivism, and effect at scale, through hierarchy and control, in a world that sees the democratisation of innovation, a rebalancing of power, and evolved … Continue reading

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The Social Revolution

I describe the Social Age: the new world we live in, an ecosystem of constant change. An evolved space that is characterised by the democratisation of power, the rise of Social Authority, the rapid iteration and holistic impacts of new … Continue reading

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Stories and Sea Shanties

There’s no denying that we all look a little bit younger in this photo: only five years ago, but so much changes (and i don’t just mean the receding hairlines and expanding waists). Rich, Cath and I still go kayaking … Continue reading

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A six stage methodology for learning. Part 1 – overview

When i’m designing a learning solution, i use a methodology that i’ve refined over time. This is about the underlying structure of the learning, so it applies to any format, be that mobile learning, e-learning, classroom training or social learning. … Continue reading

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Teaching Computer Science: why an overhaul of the school curriculum may be long overdue.

In the news today, the Government is overhauling how IT is taught in schools, with the focus to shift away from learning specific applications, such as Word and PowerPoint (Information Communications Technology or ICT), and more towards underlying coding and … Continue reading

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Learning from history: Scott’s polar expedition and the lessons from the past.

There’s a new exhibition going into the Natural History Museum in London about Scott’s ill fated attempt to reach the South Pole in 1912. For polar buffs like me, this will be a great opportunity to see some of the … Continue reading

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Is the lecture dead? The role of the lecture in today’s matrix of learning methods.

When i was at university, you had lectures, delivered for an hour, then seminars to follow up, of a similar length. Sometimes the lectures were delivered by dry and dusty professors, sometimes by energised and experienced guests, and sometimes those … Continue reading

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How much is education worth? Putting a price on learning and the responsibility of society.

News today that more than a third of British Universities will be charging the maximum £9,000 per year course fees for all their courses. Nearly two thirds will be charging this level for at least some of their courses. This … Continue reading

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