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Your Power

Today i am just #workingOutLoud reflecting on Power. We inhabit not one, but multiple systems of power: some codified, formal and visible, others hidden, or highly contextual. But all interacting in different ways with one another. Power does not operate … Continue reading

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The Reality of Reputation

This week i have been running a series of Leadership Campfires around ‘Reputation’, and today i am sharing a reflection upon these conversations. Or perhaps i should say ‘Reputations’, because we carry not one, but many. Reputation is a story: … Continue reading

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Authenticity of Action

I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to learn how to be a good parent. Overall, i think it’s gone ok. Small people are reasonably pliable if you figure out the reward mechanisms. Although sometimes entirely unfathomable. As my … Continue reading

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The Leadership Maelstrom

I wrote yesterday about ‘The Nature of Leadership’, which reminded me of several conversations i have had recently within my research community around subjectivity: the way that when we look at something we know and understand well, but do so … Continue reading

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The Nature of Leadership

Leadership is an endemic term, more often used to describe a desired outcome than a specific set of skills or behaviours, and more often describing those things that we like or aspire to than to those that we actually experience, … Continue reading

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Guide to the Social Age 2019: Authenticity

I’m writing a series of longer pieces, exploring my new Map of the Social Age for 2019: ‘Authenticity’ is a key location in this new landscape, representing, for many, a foundation of Social Leadership, and a central mechanism of engagement. … Continue reading

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Gun Control: a Case Study in Authenticity

With some trepidation, i wanted to develop a narrative around the current conversation on gun control in America, in the context of the recent tragedy in Florida, and the emergence of a group of young survivors calling for change. I’m … Continue reading

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Learning 2017

I’m speaking at two large learning conferences this week, each with a unique focus, but both exploring aspects of what learning really means in 2017, and, probably more importantly, what we do about it. Some of this is old news: … Continue reading

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The Power of Stories

Yesterday i wrote about ‘story listening’. Today, i want to reflect on just what stories are: who owns them, how do they flow, how dangerous are they, and how important they are within the context of the Social Age. Stories … Continue reading

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The Invisible Organisation: Why Social Leadership?

The answer to the questions ‘why Social Leadership?‘ may rather miss the point: it’s not so much a question of ‘why Social?‘, as much as a question of ‘why not just Formal?‘. Within the visible organisation, within the formal hierarchy, … Continue reading

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