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Curating yourself: setting down your professional footprint in a social world.

They used to say that people judged you in the first ten seconds after you entered the room and that a big smile and a strong handshake would put you in good stead. But today, they are already half way … Continue reading

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Reports of the death of conversation have been greatly exaggerated OR How to have a party with your iPad.

I’m starting to feel like cupid. A latter day cupid that is. A cupid who fashions transient 21st century relationships using technology instead of a bow. But i’m not doing it with wifi and 3G, the hardware itself seems to … Continue reading

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Idle chatter? Just how useful is social networking?

Facebook and Twitter are taking over the world. Or so it sometimes feels. From revolution in Egypt to promoting Sports Massage, social networking is the tool of choice. From networking for a new job through to organising student fee protests, … Continue reading

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