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Exploring the Triangle of Trust

Last week I introduced the Triangle of Trust as a way of looking at how we can apply the Landscape of Trust work: it’s intended to be used as a developmental framework where we explore the relationship between values, intention, … Continue reading

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Change Curve: Overcoming the Broadcast model

‘Broadcast‘ is not simply a technology, but rather a mindset: a mindset in which the organisation believes that it owns both the authentic story and the authority over the story. A firm belief in both ownership and the right to … Continue reading

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I’m expanding out parts of the Change framework, writing today about ‘Broadcast‘ models, and how we need to overcome them in order to effect co-created and co-owned change: to become truly Dynamic. ‘Broadcast‘ was an old model, when the mechanisms … Continue reading

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The New Utility: A Story about Brand in the Social Age

Agility can be about perspective, about being brave enough to climb up high and get a better view. Being brave enough to shout from your viewpoint that the world has changed. Being brave enough to lead an organisation and community … Continue reading

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A map of learning technology – 2014

I’ve been at The Learning Technology Conference in London all day, which somewhat eroded my time for writing (although a great opportunity to catch up with so many people). Just a short post tonight then: a map of the learning … Continue reading

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The future of books. Beauty, function and form in the transmission of knowledge.

I’ve got a copy of the Hobbit on my bookshelf, which was the prize in an art competition when i was twelve. It’s a lovely copy, with Tolkien’s original illustrations, one of my prized possessions. Next to it is a … Continue reading

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The medium and the message. Understanding the role of Twitter in the London Riots and why we shouldn’t shoot the messenger.

Now that comparative calm has returned to the streets of our major cities, the process of reflection and rationalisation is well underway. Initial unity and political solidarity in the face of lawlessness starts to fracture into recrimination, blame and thoughts … Continue reading

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Idle chatter? Just how useful is social networking?

Facebook and Twitter are taking over the world. Or so it sometimes feels. From revolution in Egypt to promoting Sports Massage, social networking is the tool of choice. From networking for a new job through to organising student fee protests, … Continue reading

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How to run a Webinar. Notes on the adoption of Broadcast Learning.

I took part in my first pure ‘broadcast’ webinar yesterday. This was a presentation where three speakers covered the subject of eMentoring for forty minutes, then opened the session up to questions. I’ve used the software extensively before, but only … Continue reading

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