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Reflections from IITSEC 2014

I’m at the IITSEC conference all this week in Orlando, exploring innovation in simulation and training. It’s a busy event, so my posts are likely to be reflective on what i’m seeing and making sense of. Yesterday, three of the … Continue reading

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Earning trust

The currency of trust is hard won. The best view I have of it in an organisational context right now is “predictability and consistency of response over time“. In other words, we can learn to trust an organisation if we … Continue reading

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Words About Learning: Sincerity

Picked up my coffee at Starbucks today. They’ve changed the system, asking me for my name the, when the drink arrives, it’s written on my cup with a big smiley face drawn next to it. Strange, it makes me smile … Continue reading

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The Learning Contract. What we’re asking from learners and what we give them in return.

When we design a learning solution, we are asking people to commit time and effort to something, and it’s important to consider how we set that contract in place. If everyone is clear what’s expected of them, both learner and … Continue reading

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Disability and communication: adapting our model of communication to changing circumstances.

Recently i met someone brave. A teenager who had been profoundly affected by cancer, losing first her sight, then her hearing, all over the space of around three years. Within that time, instead of despair, she seemed to have found … Continue reading

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The subtle art of communication. How we understand and misunderstand each other every day.

Today, i’ll speak to people, email people, talk on the phone, Skype and wave at someone across the street. There’s a birthday card that i should send as well. And i need to write two proposals and a report. All … Continue reading

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What’s the point of a learning methodology? Surely it’s just common sense!

Well, in many ways, a good learning methodology is just common sense, but common sense with a structure put around it. The learning method that you follow in designing a solution does not need to be complicated. Indeed, it really … Continue reading

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Who owns the truth? In a world of self publication and social media, how do you know that what you’re learning is ‘true’?

I was in Starbucks this morning, my favourite place to settle for some writing, when i saw they had a book for sale. ‘How Stuarbucks fought for it’s life without losing it’s soul’ ( It’s a book by Howard Schultz, … Continue reading

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Identity and knowledge, philosophy and science in learning. How what we know makes us who we are.

There was a fascinating discussion on Radio Four’s Start the Week ( yesterday morning, between Simon Baron-Cohen and Julian Bagini, a leading Cambridge psychiatrist and a philosopher. The thrust of their discussion was around empathy, but what particularly caught my … Continue reading

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Can you actually build an effective online community? Looking beyond the technology to create true learning environments.

I thought i’d start today with a question that i can’t answer. There are two aspects to this question; what do we mean by ‘community’ and what do we mean by ‘effective’. It’s like when you run a race, you … Continue reading

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