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Will Circles change the world? How Google+ is putting it’s hopes on our desire to partition our ‘friends’.

Heated discussion yesterday about how the social media landscape will look once Google completes the rollout of it’s much vaunted Google+ service. Do you need to be in the space first (Facebook for personal, LinkedIn for business), or can you … Continue reading

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Winners and losers. The decline of MySpace and reflections on the rise and fall of social network sites.

Something is rotten in the State of Denmark. MySpace, the virtual home of social networking for musicians, is in what may be terminal decline. In February 2010, MySpace had 110 million active users, a figure that has fallen to a … Continue reading

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Social dilemmas in social networks. What to do when your dad joins Facebook.

Facebook is like a dinner party where all the guests invite themselves. There are different types of networks, the formal ones that are created within work, the informal ones that are used socially, the focussed ones around specific interests of … Continue reading

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