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To Experiment (Or Not)

Scientists never really ‘know’ if something is true: they just have a body of evidence which supports a hypothesis, which has not yet been disproved. The onus does not lie on anyone else to prove an alternative: it’s open simply … Continue reading

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The Road to Agility

Inspiration only takes a moment, but change may take longer. I spent a great day yesterday exploring ‘creativity‘ with some wonderfully generous people. We shared ideas and stories about co-creation, about music, about agility. I wanted to explore ways to … Continue reading

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How we formulate hypotheses and test them when learning. Sometimes, you’ve just got to dive in!

Sometimes, the best way of learning is just to dive on in. As adults, we are experienced learners, experienced at formulating a view of expected outcomes from actions and testing those hypotheses. We are experienced at gauging the success (or … Continue reading

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