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Identity: Turning Points

I’ve published the first five Identity Stories so far, and completed ten interviews in total. These are extraordinary stories from everyday people. Possibly because so many people are extraordinary if you find the space to listen. It’s early days with … Continue reading

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Launching ’These Are Me: The Identity Project’

Today is a soft launch for ‘These Are Me – The Identity Project’. This small scale qualitative research project explores our identity (or rather, our identities!), through interviews. The aim of this work is simply to collect these Identity Stories, … Continue reading

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These Are Me: Identity Stories

I’ve finished writing up the first two Identity Stories from the new research project. Both are quite different, and already fascinating. In this work i ask people to describe the three identities that are most central to their ‘self’ (all … Continue reading

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What is your identity? Do you have one, or many? Are all of your identities public, or are some hidden? Do some require you to be badged or accepted by other people, or can you self determine it? How well … Continue reading

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Types of Story: Reputation and Identity

This week i am building out ideas around Reputation and Identity as part of my current writing around ‘The Roots of Story’. Reputation can be viewed as a story, taking varied forms: partly we may seek to write that story … Continue reading

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Stories of Exclusivity and Exclusion

As part of a series of pieces developing the new Storytelling work, today i am considering how stories create exclusivity and can form part of exclusion. I was given an award a couple of years ago: at the induction they … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on ’The Roots of Storytelling’

As ‘Quiet Leadership’ and ‘Power and Potential’ take flight, i’m left with time to make a start on the next project: ‘The Roots of Storytelling’. Whilst there is a chapter in ‘The Social Leadership Handbook’ about Storytelling, i have really … Continue reading

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The Culture Game

I’m running a multi day event next week, centred around a Culture Game: the premise is that i’l create a scaffolding for people to use to ‘invent’ a culture, and we will then explore how the different cultures interact. The … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

It used to a simple thing, to answer the question ‘what do you do‘, but today, as the realities of the Social Age bite, it becomes ever harder, ever more subjective. Are you defined by the job you earn the … Continue reading

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Choosing the right clothes: social learning tone of voice and identity

Next week there’s a big Christmas meal which, leading to much debate amongst certain elements of the community as to what to wear. There are impressions to be made, people to catch up with and celebrating to be had. It … Continue reading

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