Curiosity – My 1st 100 Days – Day 2

Day 2: Discover, Uncover, Create

Imagine the ways that we are curious.

We can reach out and DISCOVER something: perhaps we watch a YouTube video, or read a book or blog and learn something new.

We can UNCOVER more details by digging deeper: once something has sparked your curiosity, do you delve further into it? Maybe by link hopping, or asking questions, or trying something out and letting your hands and mind explore a new sensation, thought, or material.

We can CREATE something: in our moments of inspiration, our curiosity can help us to assemble chunks of what we discover or unearth into something new. A new way of knowing. A new perspective, a new ability. These are not things we just pick up fully formed, but rather something we create ourselves out of the fragments that curiosity collects.

  1. How do we discover things as we are curious? Write down a ‘name’, a ‘place’, a ‘behaviour’, or a ‘habit’ that can lead to discovery.
  2. Are there specific skills to uncover something when our curiosity demands it? Can you name one?
  3. What do you need in order to CREATE? Is it ‘time’, ‘resource’, a ‘community’, or something else? When you have your answer, ask someone else what they think about this too.

#WorkingOutLoud on ‘Curiosity’

This week i am developing some concepts for a potential ‘100 days’ book.

Curiosity: My 1st 100 Days’ takes you on a guided, reflective journey, to build your own understanding of what Curiosity is, and how being curious can unlock both your, and others, potential.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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