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Explore your Landscape of Curiosity

To be curious is to inquisitive as to what lies beyond the horizon of our own ignorance and understanding. It’s a primary driver of human nature, a strong motivator into action, and gets us in equal measure into hot water … Continue reading

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Ignorance or Bliss?

There are many things i do not know and will never learn. Algebra remains a mystery. String theory. Piano. I have never learnt to ride a motorbike. I do not know how to program in C+ and i don’t even … Continue reading

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The more i learn, the less i know. Learning about ignorance.

I knew i’d heard it somewhere before, although i couldn’t put my finger on where, which is where Google came in. Socrates, apparently. Good. Ancient Greek provenance puts me firmly onto solid ground.’The more i learn, the less i know’, … Continue reading

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Ignorance is bliss. How to avoid learning to fail.

Tim Smit is the man who dreamt of the Eden Project and made it a reality. Eden is an inspiring location and ethos, a ravaged clay pit transformed into a botanical utopia. It’s the archetypal success story, the vision that … Continue reading

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