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The Post Hoc Rationalisation Fallacy

I suspect it’s true that many organisations are highly successful almost despite everything that they do in the formal space to make themselves so. They are successful not because of hierarchy, rules, systems, or control, but rather because they are … Continue reading

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A six stage methodology for learning. Part 1 – overview

When i’m designing a learning solution, i use a methodology that i’ve refined over time. This is about the underlying structure of the learning, so it applies to any format, be that mobile learning, e-learning, classroom training or social learning. … Continue reading

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Missing the point of mobile learning: why now is the time to take chances

The fact is that i rarely read documents on my mobile phone. Why? Because it’s too small. It’s not really the right platform for the job. I do it when i need to do it, but it’s not my preference. … Continue reading

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The importance of a team. How we learn to rely on others.

You can achieve a lot by yourself, but you can achieve more with others. This is something that i’m convinced about. A strong team will provide challenges and frustrations in equal measure to support and enthusiasm, but managed correctly, this … Continue reading

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How influential are you in the social media space? What do we mean by ‘success’?

An excellent article today around tools that measure your social influence (or at least, around tools that measure activity, which, i guess, can correlate with influence…). Mike Johansson has provided a concise summary of a sites that offer some measure … Continue reading

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Ignorance is bliss. How to avoid learning to fail.

Tim Smit is the man who dreamt of the Eden Project and made it a reality. Eden is an inspiring location and ethos, a ravaged clay pit transformed into a botanical utopia. It’s the archetypal success story, the vision that … Continue reading

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Why you need to fail to truly succeed. The importance of getting it wrong in getting it right.

There will be no surprise in thinking that making mistakes is an important part of learning. This is not a ground breaking thought. From the earliest age, when we start probing our environment, tasting, prodding and feeling our way around, … Continue reading

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Who says i’m incompetent? Questioning the relevance of performance review in an interconnected age

Businesses face a challenge of determining what makes a person ‘competent’ in role. They often do this through a process of Performance Review. Very much in vogue are competency frameworks, a reductionist approach that effectively produces a series of measures … Continue reading

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