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Generative AI and the Potential for (Anti) Social Learning

As ChatGPT and it’s comrades take the world by storm, amazing and delighting us with their natural language and peculiar quirks, it is no surprise that both hype, and hyperbole are ripe, alongside opportunism and marketing. But make no mistake, … Continue reading

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10 Ideas for the Future of Work

Hybrid. Return to work. The office. Three two. Two three. Collaboration. Innovation. Culture and Community. Togetherness. The paroxysms of a system in transition. Trying to win yesterdays race. The Pandemic Lockdowns and shift to remote first provided an unparalleled and … Continue reading

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Art Not Art #3 – Power

This is the third in a series of #WorkingOutLoud posts considering the evolution of art in the age of the Art Engines: the disruptive technologies of AI generation and concomitant debates about creativity, value, and purpose. In this work i … Continue reading

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#FutureState – Resilience

I’m writing a series of essays exploring the future of organisations from different perspectives: social, technical, philosophical and practical. Today is another early stage #WorkingOutLoud piece as I think about resilience, specifically the ways that emergent technology may impact on … Continue reading

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