Social Leadership Storytelling Certification. #WorkingOutLoud

I’m finalising the structure of the twelve week certification on ‘Storytelling in Social Leadership’. This pass through will give me the structure that i’ll prototype with the first cohorts in October to December. At this stage, i’m more focussed on the learning journey, and how the Scaffolding is held together: the sequence of creative, and co-creative, spaces. It’s within these spaces that i can create the structure and activity to construct the learning story.

Storytelling Certification week 1

At heart, this is a guided, reflective, journey, built to the principles of Scaffolded Social Learning: low content, high structure, and based around three elements.

First, there are ‘foundations’, specific knowledge and content: i’ve shared a whole series of posts on this previously. Secondly, ‘techniques’, things that you can do to explore and expand your understanding of ‘how stories work’: i’ve shared a few of these already, on ‘diagonal storytelling’, and ‘stories of difference’. Both of these pieces fill the first six weeks.

Storytelling Certification week 2

The second six weeks, the whole second half of the programme, is a structured approach (scaffolded) to run an experiment in your own Organisation: here, there is less new content, but much more support to explore how you identify the topic you wish to explore, how you structure the experiment, how you measure and analyse it, how you share the outcomes.

You can see, in these first two pages i’ve shared, how the intent is to build a log book, or similar, as you go. So the whole programme is essentially a scaffolded storytelling exercise.

Typically, at prototype, i would only expect to have around 40% of the hard content build, and would only expect to retain about 60% of structure into the final design. That’s why i’ve deliberately made it heavy on content. I can test what does, and does not, work, by running four cohorts through in a rapid series of iterations. Here is the original design illustration below.

Storytelling Certification

I’ll continue to share content, and the evolution of structure, as it develops.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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