The Trust Conference 2018

I’m curating the first ‘Trust Conference’, which will take place in London on 6th February 2018. It will be my first chance to share the full body of 2017 research into the Landscape of Trust. I will be sharing the full evidence and analysis, the first prototype diagnostics and visualisations, and the learning from the first developmental approaches taken with the initial dozen Research Partners. I’m adopting a true Social Learning approach, so the conference will be held in the Forgotten Circus School, and the backdrop to our day will be performance, conversation, and experience, of trust.

The Trust Conference

As with all my work, this is not a set of answers: it’s a sharing of the open data, an initial analysis and interpretation, and the first prototypes of diagnostics and tools. To be an explorer in the Social Age is to willing to draw your own map, and i feel very fortunate to be drawing this part of it alongside some incredible global partners.

The Landscape of Trust is a huge global effort, entirely crowd sourced, supported by the generosity of partners, and generating an open data set. It’s my best effort at research in the Social Age.

At the Trust Conference, there will be space to learn, space to reflect together, and space to enjoy the circus performance, and engage in a conversation with the performers about trust, in themselves, in each other, and in you, the audience.

If you can, please join me in London in February. Depending upon the success of this, i may run a parallel event in the US shortly afterwards.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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8 Responses to The Trust Conference 2018

  1. Don McPhee says:

    Hi Julian,
    Thanks for the invitation to the first Trust Conference. Will seriously consider coming even though difficult to justify travel from Beirut to London for one day. Any chance to make it a 2-3 day Conference or adding a couple of additional days on a separate topic. Don

    • julianstodd says:

      Hi Don, i think this first one will just be a one day event, but i do run the Social Age Safari, a three day co-created conferance, in May. I’ll send you details, best wishes, Julian

  2. This looks really amazing. I am in Melbourne, Australia, so probably won’t be able to come. But I hope you tweet and blog about it as I facilitate conversations that are geared towards increasing trust by identifying shared values and points of empathy through story telling.

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  6. Thank you. Booked! Very much looking forward to this. Leah

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