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How do stories work?

I’m just back from a weekend in the Netherlands, which included a visit to Efterling, one of the world’s oldest theme parks and home to the Enchanted Forest. As the name suggests, it’s a woodland setting for a range of … Continue reading

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On the seventh day of Christmas Learning: humility

I’m dedicating the last twelve days of writing to a series of reflections on key trends and features of learning in the Social Age. Today: why we need to be humble. The Social Age is about creating meaning within communities: … Continue reading

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How Social Leaders fight fires wisely

A busy day today, supporting a team under pressure. I recognise in myself some patterns of behaviour: some of them constructive, others less so. It turns out i’m far from perfect under pressure, but am, at least, in good company. … Continue reading

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We all make mistakes: it’s what you learn from them that counts

Clearing out the attic this week made me realise the number of things i’ve got wrong over my life: the places and ways in which i’ve failed. School reports chart mediocre performance in chemistry and maths, a lack of engagement … Continue reading

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Swimming with dolphins: wise council in the Social Age

Last week i was lucky enough to spend an afternoon playing with dolphins: learning about their habitat and lifecycle, how they are trained and looked after, how they each have a unique personality. I was able to learn some basic … Continue reading

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Conkers: tribal wisdom and sore knuckles

Walking in the forest yesterday, the conversation turned to conkers (or horse chestnuts, if you prefer). Dionne had found the first ones of the season, lying on the ground under the spreading boughs, and this prompted a discussion about the … Continue reading

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Wisdom in the Social Age

I had dinner with some friends last night who are just home from six months travelling around Japan. As they shared their stories, it became clear that they’d amassed a wealth of local knowledge whilst out there: synthesised from different … Continue reading

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Drawing upon the wisdom of the group: developing ideas of Social Leadership

Over the last week or so, i’ve been developing ideas around the Social Leader. I’ve been trying to adopt social learning approaches to this design exercise, exposing different parts of the ideas to different communities and individuals and making the … Continue reading

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How do you grow pearls of wisdom: the importance of disturbance in learning

It’s the irritation that grows the pearl: the grain of sand that causes the oyster to lay down layers of calcium carbonate in concentric rings that are polished to a high lustre, creating the pearl. Without disturbance, little changes. It’s … Continue reading

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Google or Grandad? Older and wiser? The informal mentoring inherent with age.

The young are impetuous, inexperienced, headstrong and determined. As we get older, we are wiser, more considered, more experienced and battle scared, more sensible. Or maybe not… There’s an inherent assumption in society that as we get older, we have … Continue reading

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