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Our Many Voices

I’ve been writing about ‘voices’ today: the many that we hold, and the ones that go unheard. Voices can be gifted within a formal system, or claimed within social ones, and when considering Social Leadership, which exists at the intersection … Continue reading

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One Voice

One voice can shout loudly, or can embolden others. One voice can craft a story, or enable others to craft theirs. One voice can dominate, or use it’s power to create space for others. Social Leadership is not about owning … Continue reading

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Cultural Graffiti: A 5 Day Experiment – Day 1 – Spaces

The ‘5 Day Experiment’ format is a call to action: a structured exploration of a topic, based in daily activities that just take a few minutes. In this 5 Day Experiment we will explore Cultural Graffiti, the voices that are … Continue reading

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Rules are made to be broken. Why conforming is not always a good thing.

In learning, as with all things, it’s sometimes good to challenge authority. Just because things have always been done one way, doesn’t mean that that’s the best way to do them. Convention is just how things have come to be … Continue reading

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