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A Sense of Culture

Our notion of culture seems tied to geography: a distinction that may be losing it’s relevance in the Social Age. For fun, today i’ve been sketching out a model of waves of culture, overlapping but distinct ways in which we … Continue reading

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From Aspiration to Culture: the erosion of values

A startup is a blank sheet: no systems, no process, no legacy. To some, it’s anathema: a lack of reference points, a lack of structure, a lack of support. To others, it’s freedom, a freedom they could never experience within … Continue reading

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Friends Forever?

We were in a conversation today about establishing communities when Laura reminded me about ‘Friendship Books‘. A thing of our childhood, before the days of t’internet, the premise was this: a book, made of actual paper, where you wrote a … Continue reading

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From Intent to Purpose: stages of community

Communities form around shared value and shared purpose: one without the other lacks momentum. With both, we can be productive, we can be unified. But that unity is not accidental: it comes about through processes of formation and guidance that … Continue reading

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Monarchs and Monasteries: Emergent Communities in the Social Age

There’s the thing, then, much later, the memory of the thing. The moment when you push aside the brambles, kick down the tall grass and see the old stones and crumbling mortar revealed to the light of day one more … Continue reading

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Perpetuating Inequality

One of the hardest things to see is the poverty in Bangkok: amongst the neon lit massage parlours, expat bars, towering hotels and Bladerunner like Sky Train tracks, young women with children, just babies really, sit begging in the street. … Continue reading

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Fairness: doing what we know is right

Leadership is about many things, but for Social Leaders, a large component if to be fair. It’s not about what the rules tell us: it’s about what our hearts and souls tell us. Does that sound soft? Does that sound … Continue reading

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Resolution: the hardest road

Swarthy, thickset and boasting tattoos upon his tattoos, themselves layered around the scars, the man next to me turned to his son, a little bruiser sporting jeans and baseball cap, and asked the question, “What do you do when someone … Continue reading

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Fractured Culture: Exclusion

I’m prompted to write about exclusion today by a friend who described the bullying she’s been subjected to at work. After a protracted period of negativity, she’s talked about leaving, about taking herself away from such a toxic culture, and … Continue reading

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The Social Business: aligning social learning and leadership to the values driven organisation

There’s a shift towards a more social culture of business: not just engaged in social spaces, but values driven and responsible. Being proud of your credentials is no longer the preserve of niche cosmetics manufacturers and cooperatives: it’s now on … Continue reading

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