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Choreography of Learning

This is a mid level #WorkingOutLoud post, as i rework some early ideas around ‘Choreography in Learning’ into a second iteration. The material here probably typifies my approach: chase interesting ideas through research and prototype, and don’t be afraid to … Continue reading

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Switzerland: Beauty Through Utility

I do like a train: there’s something beautiful about utility and power, the simplistic design linked to function, the constrained and stripped back potential of the system. Cars show off, they are all about streamlined curves, lacquered wood, increasingly integrated … Continue reading

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The New Utility: A Story about Brand in the Social Age

Agility can be about perspective, about being brave enough to climb up high and get a better view. Being brave enough to shout from your viewpoint that the world has changed. Being brave enough to lead an organisation and community … Continue reading

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Usability and utility in e-learning. How to make sure that you’ve got it right.

E-Learning is a funny creature. It’s created by a mixture of art and technology, always a heady if slightly risky mix. It’s a spontaneous activity stifled by process, it’s great communication strangled by noise. All to often, the magic gets … Continue reading

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Painless, not seamless. A pragmatic view of technology in online learning (and the importance of Tea and Socks)

You don’t have to get things totally right, but you have to avoid it being painfully wrong. At least, that’s my view of technology in online learning. Pragmatists will win the day, because online activity, whether it be retail, genealogy … Continue reading

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