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To hear freedom, if only at a distance

When i met him, he must have been in his late eighties: a former prisoner of war who had spent years in a Japanese detention centre. He’d built a radio with his fellow prisoners. Not out of a kit: out … Continue reading

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750: Equality

This is my 750th post here on the Learning Blog. I use these milestones for reflection. Over the last 3 years we’ve covered a lot of ground, and i could happily recap some of those themes, but instead i wanted … Continue reading

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Diversity and Equality training in global organisations. The ethics and challenges of moral issues.

Everyone is equal. At least, in the eyes of the law. At least, in the Uk. Well, pretty much equal anyway. Or at least, we have been for the last few years. Unless you’re a woman of course. Or lesbian … Continue reading

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