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Creating the Learning Experience

I’ve spent the day in various cafes, refining and rehearsing in my head this week’s workshop on creativity. This level of focus does not come easily to me: my typical days are fragmented between many tasks, so to do one … Continue reading

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Social Learning: from theory to practice

Formal learning is abstract, defined by time and place, divorced from our everyday reality. It can be academically interesting, it can be fulfilling and all consuming, it can be delivered badly or delivered well, but unless it’s social, it’s incomplete. … Continue reading

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Running to the Roar: The irony of Leadership Training and the wealth of ideas that surround it.

My day was made last week when i was invited to a Leadership event entitled ‘Run towards the roar: how exceptional leaders build the courage to win in challenging times’. As any British reader will, i assumed that this was … Continue reading

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Learning to play the ukelele. Theory, Practice and Rock and Roll in learning.

Yesterday, i bought a ukelele. My logic behind this was clear; i can play the guitar to a tolerable level. It has taken me years. The banjo i’ve had for six months and can get a few songs out of. … Continue reading

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Googling the answer. How easy access to knowledge may be at the expense of analytical ability.

You used to have to remember when the Battle of Hastings was and your twelve times table. Today, there’s Wikipedia and your mobile phone. It’s not just the way that we learn that is changing, it’s what we learn and … Continue reading

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Selling snake oil. Why sometimes a little bit of common sense is worth any number of weak theories.

At the Learning Technology Conference this week and struck by the mix of glorious innovation and plain old fashioned nonsense. It’s incredible the credibility that people attach to something if it’s written on a wall, stuck in a glossy brochure … Continue reading

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