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Struggling To Get On The Same Page

I’m #WorkingOutLoud as i (attempt) to analyse the first set of data from the prototype Trust Diagnostic. You can read more about the context of this work in yesterday’s blog post. Today, one questions stood out to me: ‘when my … Continue reading

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Through the Noise

It’s a travel day: disrupted, fragmented. Hard to settle. Hard to write. Shards of time, split out. At the airport i stop for dinner. Loud: tannoy interrupts my thinking, people talking, constant noise. Hard in the restaurant: the staff are … Continue reading

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When the Bell Tolls

There’s a bell in the pizzeria: i’m sat at the bar, right across the counter from the team making the dough and assembling the pizzas. When a customer leaves, they ring the bell and drop a tip in the jar. … Continue reading

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Creating Spaces: a framework for devolved creativity

The Social Age requires agility, from both organisations and individuals. It’s a time of constant change and what we did yesterday may not work again tomorrow because the ecosystem is evolving around us. When Henry Ford gave us the production … Continue reading

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How to recruit great people: head to the coffee shop

If you need to recruit someone fast, use an agency. If you need to recruit someone great, head to your local coffee shop. Why? Because it’s a great place to see people under pressure learning new skills in a customer … Continue reading

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Incrementally better: why two heads in your team are better than one, but six may be best of all.

I’m rather lucky in that my favourite pub is just down the road. It’s tiny, barely a dozen tables and stools clustered around them, with a range of real ales and good whiskey. It also runs a particularly challenging pub … Continue reading

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Partnership and Collaboration: why learning together is easier than learning apart.

Today is a day for partnership and collaboration and, as such, it’s going to be very exciting indeed. I work closely with a wide range of specialists, people with deep expertise in their own fields. People who bring a lot … Continue reading

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Process and art. How storytelling for training needs both.

Training is an art of storytelling, shaped by a mixture of process and art. The distinction between process and art may be a false one. Arguably any creative or artistic venture can be mapped as a process, although simply following … Continue reading

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The importance of a team. How we learn to rely on others.

You can achieve a lot by yourself, but you can achieve more with others. This is something that i’m convinced about. A strong team will provide challenges and frustrations in equal measure to support and enthusiasm, but managed correctly, this … Continue reading

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