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Incrementally better: why two heads in your team are better than one, but six may be best of all.

I’m rather lucky in that my favourite pub is just down the road. It’s tiny, barely a dozen tables and stools clustered around them, with a range of real ales and good whiskey. It also runs a particularly challenging pub … Continue reading

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Spelling, and grammar. Why it’s increasingly hard to get away with it.

People worry that spelling and grammar are going out of the window. In a world of txt speak, in a world where ‘ask’ mysteriously becomes ‘aks’ (or ax?), in a world where even my middle class, podiatrist friend accidentally called … Continue reading

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The Improtance of Spelling

Does spelling matter? If i get a cv with a typo in it, i’m  likely to reject it out of hand. It’s not the fact that the person doesn’t know how to spell, it’s the fact that they haven’t proofed … Continue reading

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