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Circling Fairness

There’s a gap between desire and reality, between aspiration and the act. Whilst many organisations espouse values such as ‘integrity‘ and ‘fairness‘, the reality is that they display neither, inhabiting instead a space of indifference or meek acceptance. They may … Continue reading

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Framework for Fairness: A model for fair decision making in business

Some notions seem obvious: the need to be fair, the need to do right. And yet in our societies we are not equal. We fail to do the right thing on many levels, not because we are bad people, but … Continue reading

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What you need to know about ‘The Social Age’

Everyone understands that things have changed, but not always how much and how far we still have to go. The Social Age is defined by change: changes in how we work, how we learn, how we lead, how we connect … Continue reading

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Agile working: baby not required

Laura came to visit us at SeaSalt today. She bought her MacBook, her mobile phone, a notepad and pencil (retro) and her baby. He joined us for our meeting, sitting at the table, staring at me intently when i drifted … Continue reading

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Mapping the Social Age: the ecosystem of change

As i work on the book about the Social Age, i’ve spent some time charting the ecosystem of change. Change is constant, and not just in one area. Driven by technology, in a context of wider social change, everything is … Continue reading

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The gamble of talent management

A house built on sand is never a good idea: i’ve been thinking about talent management programmes today and it’s triggered me to revisit notions around the changing nature of work and the need to be magnetic to talent. It’s … Continue reading

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