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The Impact and Opportunity of Generative AI on Learning in 250 words

To find simplicity, we sometimes need to travel through the complex. Here i’ll share a simple view about Generative AI and learning in just 250 words. Better not waste any. ‘Generative AI’ describes a family of algorithms that deliver seemingly … Continue reading

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The Apple

I was looking through a book with my three year old at the weekend, and he saw a medieval illustration depicting someone standing next to an apple tree. He asked me “why is that man putting apples in a tree?”. … Continue reading

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Clarity, Simplicity and Certainty

This morning i was lucky to host an online group for a Leadership Campfire around ‘Accountability’, where we considered the formal and social structures within which we construct our sense of consequence and action. This afternoon i’m running an in … Continue reading

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To Simple, Through Complexity

Agility comes through fluidity: an ability to adapt to circumstance, to diagnose, to deploy, to learn. In essence, it’s simple: codify enough into process to give replicability and scale, keep enough freedom to adapt, to change course as circumstance demands. … Continue reading

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Clarity and brevity: why less is more, but more feels safer.

I’m working on a project at the moment around a pretty simple topic, it’s an interesting subject, but not complex. The challenge is to get people to do something differently. Not hugely differently, but a little differently. But, for some … Continue reading

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Why small details make a huge difference: how do you drive a Toyota Prius?

Today, i am saving the world, one mile at a time. You see, i’ve got a long journey to make and i hired a Toyota Prius, the eco pioneer vehicle of choice, with it’s ground breaking ability to run on … Continue reading

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Heading North: The iPad and my Dad.

As i may have mentioned, i’m travelling with my parents. Father has bought an iPad. After a lifetime of computing with PC’s, he’s also bought a book on the iPad. It’s about the size of a telephone directory for a … Continue reading

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