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No One Person Alone

Quiet Leadership is a new body of work exploring the Organisation as an Ecosystem, and the ways that we impact upon that system through the smallest of actions: it’s a reflective model of leadership that prompts us to explore our … Continue reading

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3 Fragments of Writing About A Fractured Church

Here are three fragments of writing, connected through a conversation around acceptance, equality, inclusion, and the established church: i’m triggered to share these, with others that remain unpublished, by the experience of speaking to people excluded by the church because … Continue reading

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Chasing the Shadow of the Social Age

I saw a video the other day of a small child discovering their shadow. They were walking along when they suddenly realised that the penumbra trailing close behind was somehow attached. A sequence of bemused hopping and dancing entailed as … Continue reading

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I walked far into the night, traversing the city, in a wide, sweeping curve from from east to west, then an abrupt turn north to cross the river and back to my hotel. My den: sanctuary with room service and … Continue reading

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