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What is your identity? Do you have one, or many? Are all of your identities public, or are some hidden? Do some require you to be badged or accepted by other people, or can you self determine it? How well … Continue reading

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The Self You Choose

Our radical connectivity leaves us carrying a ‘self’ in many different spaces, but not necessarily the same ‘self’ into each. There are many views on how this works: some would claim that there is a ‘you’, a pilot that sits … Continue reading

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Which Self Do You Bring To The Community?

This week i am building out the work around Communities, exploring how we join them, build them, or are excluded from them. When we join a Community, we bring our ‘self’ into that space. But which ‘self’ do we bring? … Continue reading

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Identity and knowledge, philosophy and science in learning. How what we know makes us who we are.

There was a fascinating discussion on Radio Four’s Start the Week (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b010t3p0) yesterday morning, between Simon Baron-Cohen and Julian Bagini, a leading Cambridge psychiatrist and a philosopher. The thrust of their discussion was around empathy, but what particularly caught my … Continue reading

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