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The Role and Responsibilities of Leadership in the Social Age

The role of a leader is not to hold the map. Nor is it necessarily to guide the way or plan the journey. In the context of the Social Age it may be that we have to evolve our language … Continue reading

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Illustrations About ‘Community’ in Social Leadership

Continuing to #WorkOutLoud as i complete the final illustrations for the 2nd Edition of the Social Leadership Handbook: today, three core illustrations about ‘Community‘. These three images accompany the section where we consider where the communties are that we inhabit … Continue reading

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Community in Social Leadership: a first draft

The NET Model of Social Leadership defines a style of leadership suitable for the Social Age. It consists of three Dimensions: Narrative (which covers ‘Curation‘, ‘Storytelling‘ and ‘Sharing‘), Engagement (which looks at ‘Community‘, ‘Reputation‘ and ‘Authority‘), and Technology (which explores … Continue reading

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