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The Role and Responsibilities of Leadership in the Social Age

The role of a leader is not to hold the map. Nor is it necessarily to guide the way or plan the journey. In the context of the Social Age it may be that we have to evolve our language … Continue reading

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The Responsibility of Organisations

I have been surprised to see so many people celebrating the life of Jack Welch, especially people from HR or L&D backgrounds. I’m sure he was a very nice man. Certainly a very rich one. And certainly successful, by one … Continue reading

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Circling Culture

I’ve been in several conversations over the last week about culture: ‘trust’ cultures, ‘learning’ cultures, ‘toxic’ cultures, and ‘fair’ culture, all aspects of, i suspect, a desired congruent and coherent culture. ‘Congruent’, because the isolated culture of an Organisation exists … Continue reading

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The Socially Responsible Business

Much talk about tax this week: do businesses have a greater responsibility to shareholders to return profit, or an ethical responsibility to pay taxes where they trade (as opposed to in Luxembourg where they are based). Are taxes a matter … Continue reading

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Creating the Social Age: organisational and individual responsibility

The Social Age defines the new nature of work: no longer defined by time and place, but instead existing in the grey space between formal and informal, facilitated by networks and technology. The very nature of the relationship between organisations … Continue reading

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The Social Contract

My friend’s a retail manager. We were chatting about his role when he said “It’s a horrible company to work for: they don’t care if i leave because there are ten other people who will take my place“. I wonder … Continue reading

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The role and responsibility of social media in the London riots. Can you really blame technology?

There’s no doubt about it, technology has revolutionised communication and civil organisation in ways that we can barely recognise. Social networking is coordinating birthday parties, beach volleyball and wedding receptions in a frenzy of invitations, updates and Tweets that would … Continue reading

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How much is education worth? Putting a price on learning and the responsibility of society.

News today that more than a third of British Universities will be charging the maximum £9,000 per year course fees for all their courses. Nearly two thirds will be charging this level for at least some of their courses. This … Continue reading

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