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The Illusion of Real Life

I’m pleased to be working with Laura tomorrow. We don’t get to do it that often, so when our realities collide, it’s fun. Me. The gentle knocking woke me up: room service delivering my breakfast. Lovely. Coffee a bit cold, … Continue reading

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Now you see it… Augmented Reality in Learning

The Isle of Wight is beautiful, few spots more so than the house we rented in Cowes this weekend: panoramic views over the harbour, the sea breaking on the beach outside, a roaring fire in the evening and plenty of … Continue reading

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Simulations in learning

It’s a powerful thing to create simulations for learning: but not something to be taken on lightly. Whilst there are many ways they can add great value, they are not a panacea. Designed well, they can reflect reality: they can … Continue reading

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Road Trip: one foot in reality

This is my first time writing for over a week, the only break i’ve taken from the blog in two years. Two weeks in America have been filled with new experiences and wonderful memories: riding an airboat through the Everglades, … Continue reading

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What is reality? Understanding how history is constructed and the value of difference.

As i was driving this morning there was a fascinating programme on the radio about Troy. From the perspective of the mythology, the archaeology and documented history, they sought to build a consensus opinion of where the city actually was … Continue reading

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How to make learning relevant. Understanding the everyday reality of the learner.

Learning is often commissioned, procured and delivered in defined projects. But people don’t live in projects: they live in time, progressing through multiple projects, sometimes simultaneously. This can lead to a challenges, where different learning experiences, all coherent in their … Continue reading

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Virtual Reality. Is there still a difference between the virtual and real experience in learning any more?

There was a time when ‘virtual reality’ sounded exciting, when it contained the promise of spaces where we could leave our physical bodies behind and interact in other worlds in other ways. We dreamt of a time when we could … Continue reading

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