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Learning Science: #WorkingOutLoud on Philosophical Approaches and Science

Today, i am continuing the work i shared yesterday, as part of the body of work i’m creating for the ‘Modern Learning Capability Framework’. This module covers Learning Science, with a view to helping people define their discipline and curate … Continue reading

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Not Art Nor Science

Science lets us see better: we can see ever deeper the inner workings of the brain, we can image and visualize, scan and probe. We are mapping the functional areas and the interrelationships between them and, as we do so, … Continue reading

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Emergent reason

Ever so often i become aware that i write too much about serious things. It’s raining hard today, with the odd moment when the sun breaks through. It was during one of those moments that i was to be found … Continue reading

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The Haiku of Twitter. Are integrated photos an upgrade, or a change in what micro blogging is all about?

I’ve just uploaded my first photo enabled Tweet. You can see it here if you like: https://twitter.com/julianstodd/status/77657166902870016. It’s not very exciting, just a picture of my ‘office’ as i write about Twitter, but it represents a fundamental shift in what … Continue reading

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Identity and knowledge, philosophy and science in learning. How what we know makes us who we are.

There was a fascinating discussion on Radio Four’s Start the Week (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b010t3p0) yesterday morning, between Simon Baron-Cohen and Julian Bagini, a leading Cambridge psychiatrist and a philosopher. The thrust of their discussion was around empathy, but what particularly caught my … Continue reading

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