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Aspects of the #SocialAge – Part 3 – Permanence is Ending

We say the Social Age is about change, and that’s true, but it’s not just about change in systems, about changing careers, about changing technologies. Its about change in the nature of permanence itself. In our mental construct of the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas: Transient Culture

Rising out of the desert, nothing about Vegas is either to scale or normal: it’s a space built for a community that comes and keeps on coming. A parody of worlds far away built to escape from this one. It’s … Continue reading

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Notions of Permanence: photography

I was chatting to Paul last night about photographs: he recounted the tale of a small sepia picture, a treasured heirloom, passed from his grandmother to his mother. Being a digital child, he scanned it, enhanced it and reproduced it, … Continue reading

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The illusion of permanence in an age of change

I woke up to the news on the radio this morning: court cases, wars, political arguments, resignations and mergers. Change. Same as every day. In the Social Age, change is constant and our success rides not on our ability to … Continue reading

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The Age of Digital History

Cath and i were having a heated discussion this morning: one of our friends reported that out of 5,700 episodes of PlaySchool (a favourite childhood TV programme) only 1,900 are known to survive. Her comment was that nobody would ever … Continue reading

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The death of knowledge. How to cope when your favourite website disappears.

One day it was there: an erudite blog with poetry, prose, reflections and intuitions. The next, it was gone. It was like being stood up five years into the relationship, but without the mirth of the bar staff. This was … Continue reading

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