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Creative Voices: Performance

Yesterday i wrote a reflective post about fragility and impermanence. Today, i want to explore a related idea: performance. These pieces relate to a ‘Creative Voices’ session that i ran at the Social Age Safari, which used performance poetry and … Continue reading

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Fragility and Impermanence

Nothing lasts forever, not monuments or mountains, not deserts nor seas, not stories or knowledge, not emperors or kings. Everything comes to pass, some things more rapidly than others. In an age of digital permanence, where our signatures are everlasting … Continue reading

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Curation in Social Leadership – a first draft

The 1st Dimension in the NET Model of Social Leadership is Narrative. Curation is one part of this, and it’s to do with how we shape our presence, how we curate our reputation. “Curation focuses on three states: discovery, perception … Continue reading

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It’s all in the mind. Losing consciousness, learning about conscious experience and what it means to be me.

Life is made up of experiences, some of them more unusual than others. We sense the world around us, experiences that are translated into memories, memories that meld together to form our personal histories, our ‘selves’. In a slight deviation … Continue reading

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Learning and Experience. A view from above: glaciers and icebergs.

Today, i saw a glacier for the first time. And an iceberg. And two new continents. I dreamt of Shackleton, trudging over the ice floes, virtually heard the creaking of the ice as it groaned and strained under my feet. … Continue reading

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We view the world through tinted spectacles, each of us seeing it in a slightly different way. Worldview is the term that describes our filters, the tints on the spectacles, through which we perceive things. Some of this filtering is … Continue reading

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