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I’m exploring ideas around culture at the moment, tying together a few disparate threads: this piece illustrates four aspects of culture that are related, but different. We can see culture in terms of the offering and accessibility of opportunity. This … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truths

Just because something is easy to understand does not make it true, and, conversely, just because something is complex, incomplete, and distasteful to our current conception of the truth, that discomfort alone does not make it wrong. Whilst we enjoy … Continue reading

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The Role of Women

We are at a stage, with two young children, where we are asked what our roles will be going forward. Who will be working, and who will be picking the children up from nursery, who will be ‘at home’ and … Continue reading

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An Organisation of Marketplaces

As part of my #FutureWork series i have been exploring the idea of Organisational Marketplaces: an evolution away from pure allocation and control towards a model of investment and opportunity. In this piece i will explore two manifestations of this, … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on the #FutureWork series

I’m publishing a short series of essays that explore alternative future models of work, and designs for the Organisations and structures of education and reward that sit behind it. These are shared as fragments of thought, not a complete picture, … Continue reading

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#Reward – Expanding the Types of Trust Framework

Another #WorkingOutLoud post today as I share the results from the 5th prototype question as i develop the Types of Trust diagnostic. This is early-stage work is intended to allow us to map out the landscape of trust that exists … Continue reading

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Choices and opportunities

The Social Age is a time of constant change: careers are fractured and we’re likely to change direction many times. As the nature of work evolves and the opportunities presented by social collaborative technology increase, we are spoilt for choice … Continue reading

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The Social Age is upon us: a time of constant change. The ecosystem we inhabit has evolved through a combination of technology and social trends. The distinction between work and play, between formal and social is blurring. This is both … Continue reading

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