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Building trust and collaborating in online spaces. And why it’s sometimes easier to do it in person!

I’m starting some work next week with an American colleague. We’ve collaborated for some time online, through emails and over the phone, but funnily enough, when the time came for us to start working on a real project, the very … Continue reading

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Collaborative learning habits. Examining how and why we collaborate and strategies for encouraging this in learning contexts.

By nature, we are collaborative learners. True, this might just mean we try to get a glimpse at someone else’s exam paper, but overall, we like the reassurance that comes from feeling that we are on the right track. The … Continue reading

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Why do we choose the words we do? Choosing your voice and creating identity in real and online spaces.

What’s in a word? Quite a lot actually. We choose the words that we use in the same way that we choose the clothes we wear and the colour we paint our lounge. Words are powerful, emotive and evocative. Their … Continue reading

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Map reading in online spaces. Understanding how learners explore the web and how to avoid losing them.

We have strategies for navigation. At our earliest age, we are immobile, rolling around, looking at our immediate environment, searching for and finding comfort in familiarity, prisoners of our own frailty. We start to crawl, exploring further, learning to probe … Continue reading

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