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My work is filled with landscape metaphors, which leads me into thinking about maps. Maps that show:

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The Serendipity of Lost

It only counts as ‘lost‘ if you intended to be somewhere. Our notion of lost is outdated: originating in a time when losing your way in the forest was a deadly affair. Today, as i explore Bangkok for the first … Continue reading

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Mobile Learning with Maps: Heritage Trails

I was lucky enough to get lost yesterday in good company, which is the very best way to do it. I’d met up with an Australian friend, Mark, and Bee Yin, who produces Heritage trails here in Singapore. Our objective … Continue reading

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Taking the long way around: circular routes to learning

I am forever getting lost in Amsterdam, which is odd as it’s quite a small city. The problem comes from the way it’s arranged in a series of concentric horseshoe shapes around the canals. This makes it very pretty, you … Continue reading

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The ‘next’ button is dead. Using interactive stories as a navigation device.

Every now and then you come across something that’s really clever. This is one of those things: http://www.drawastickman.com/ It’s a story about a stick man. He has a few adventures, you get to help him out along the way. But … Continue reading

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Map reading in online spaces. Understanding how learners explore the web and how to avoid losing them.

We have strategies for navigation. At our earliest age, we are immobile, rolling around, looking at our immediate environment, searching for and finding comfort in familiarity, prisoners of our own frailty. We start to crawl, exploring further, learning to probe … Continue reading

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Get lost! Signposting and navigation in e-learning and why, sometimes, it’s good to lose your way.

I don’t mind getting lost if i’m out for a walk on the weekend. As long as the weather and views are good, i’m quite happy to just wander around for a while, until, sooner or later, you see a … Continue reading

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