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Socially Dynamic Traits: Ideation, Aggregation and Dissemination

I’m writing today around a new area, the Socially Dynamic Organisation. I’m using this term in a very specific context, to talk about organisations that sit in the Dynamic expression of the Dynamic Change framework. these are organisations that have … Continue reading

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Change Curve: The Dynamic Change Process [Part 2] – Framing Change

I’ve got to the last of the three manifestations of organisational change represented in the Change Curve framework. ‘Dynamic Change‘ is that which agile organisations can achieve. Earlier this week i introduced a four part model that represented this, showing … Continue reading

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The location of stories

Cath and I have escaped to a caravan for the week to complete the writing and rehearsal of a new idea i’m working on around ‘creativity, co-creation and agility‘. We’re running a workshop in two weeks time that will cross … Continue reading

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The imperative for Social Leadership

The ability to use a computer, smartphone and tablet is essential to operate in today’s workplace. The ability to negotiate, to set direction, influence and contract with others is also key. The world changes fast and, as it does so, … Continue reading

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