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My work over the last two years has involved diving quite deeply into the ‘Social Currencies’ that bind together (or drive apart) our social context. This is a world governed by gut instinct, feeling, the things we ‘believe’ or hope … Continue reading

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If kindness is a social currency, then it is not evenly distributed between us all: we tend to spend it, invest it, hold it, within a network of broader social ties. We tend to be more kind to those who … Continue reading

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The Intent of Kindness

To act in kindness is to help others, not for your own benefit, but solely for theirs. Or so thought Aristotle, one of many social commentators who has professed a view. In the context of a reputation economy, i guess … Continue reading

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Why Kindness Counts

Again, today, i found myself shying away from saying ‘kindness counts’, or rather i found myself apologising for saying it. Whenever i use the term, i fear it sounds weak, it sounds like a predictable liberal statement, more about ‘niceness’ … Continue reading

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