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Agile Through Design

I”m #WorkingOutLoud, expanding on a few ideas today about the Socially Dynamic organisation: the type of fully adapted entity that would sit at the ‘Dynamic’ end of the Change framework that I’ve been sharing recently. The Socially Dynamic organisation has … Continue reading

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Vertical Mechanisms of Control: The Evolution of HR

The architecture of many modern organisations is rooted in the iron and steam of Victorian engineering. Massive pillars: mechanisms of control, exerted by the organisation over the individual. HR, despite it’s best intentions, despite it’s desire to change, is all … Continue reading

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CIPD Conference 2015: Architecting Redundancy

I’m not sure whether the nervous laughter in the group was because i’d asked some embarrassing questions, or because they were embarrassed about the answers. The question? “What’s the point of HR?“, “Will HR exist in five years?“, “Will you … Continue reading

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Organisational Dinosaurs: how big they are, how dead they’ll be

Evolution is about adaptation to environmental pressure. It’s a dance between mutation and opportunism as we find the shape that best fits the environment we inhabit. As the environment changes: we evolve. Failure means extinction: redundancy as we are out … Continue reading

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