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#WorkingOutLoud on the Learning Science Guidebook #3 – Information, Knowledge, and Sense Making

This post is part of #WorkingOutLoud as Sae and I work together on the new Learning Science Guidebook. Last week i shared a post on Information, knowledge, and sense-making, as a note to Sae [it may be worth reading that … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on ‘The Learning Science Guidebook’ #2 – The Creation of Meaning

Today i am #WorkingOutLoud on the Learning Science Guidebook. This post is a fragment of an idea that i will share with Sae, and explore in our joint writing through this week – and shared as such – imperfect work, … Continue reading

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The Context of Stuff

The biggest different between how things were then and how they are now? Maybe it’s the contextual nature of information, the interpretation of knowledge. What we need, when we need it: pushed to us, provided to us on demand, made … Continue reading

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The Record Store: How we use our Communities

The Social Age is lived out in our communities: the varied spaces, both on and offline, where we learn things, share things, subvert the establishment and generate momentum. Or sometimes just hang out. I’m preparing for a Masterclass in Social … Continue reading

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Words about learning: Fog

Driving this morning and finding it hard to navigate as the fog is so thick. As each sign looms out of the gloom, we have to make a rapid decision and react accordingly. When you don’t know the route and … Continue reading

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Exploring how images can enhance our messages.

I got sent a link to a great infographic: http://www.onlineuniversities.com/digital-classroom. It’s a visual representation of the battle between e-books and real books, using icons, clever layout and simple, pithy text to get it’s point across. It engaged me, captured my … Continue reading

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Motivation and engagement in online communities. How the desire for information can drive the formation of new communities and invigorate existing ones.

If you live in the UK, the London Riots are dominating the news. Having written about them yesterday, i was keen to steer back into more familiar learning territory today, but the sheer scale and movement in the online world … Continue reading

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The Pub Quiz phenomenon. ‘Just in time learning’ and the changing ways we access information and the impacts for learning and development.

‘Just in time’ learning is quite in vogue these days. I think it means ‘google it’. Instead of holding vast swathes of knowledge in my head and relying on my erratic memory to access it, i can just type it … Continue reading

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