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8 Questions on the Future of Work

I’ve been working on an enquiry framework to explore ‘The Future of Work’. Today i am sharing a first draft of the first half of that. It’s based around 8 questions – and for each i include context and an … Continue reading

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Slaying the Beast: Why Change Is Hard

Change is often thwarted not by outside factors, lack of budget, or too little time, but rather by the sheer momentum, mass, and nested power, of existing systems. Organisations act like a beast that demands it’s favourite food over and … Continue reading

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Domain to Dynamic: A New Model of Organisational Design [Pt 3] – Codified Strength to Individual Agency

This is the third in a series of articles charting the evolution of Organisations ‘from Domain to Dynamic’. In the first piece i discussed the evolution of Organisations, and the way they built out Domains and Hierarchy, as mechanisms of … Continue reading

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