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On Holiday

I am looking forward to a break: what with the pandemic, the baby, and the toddler, as well as the small matter of work, it’s been a busy couple of years. Productive, but busy. Whilst i’m off, the first full … Continue reading

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Taking Time

It’s rarely gifted, time. If you want some for yourself, you usually have to claim it. ‘Give me time‘ is usually a plea, a desperate cry. I’m sat at the airport departure lounge, drinking coffee, whilst next to me three … Continue reading

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Words about learning: metal

Some metals are malleable: easily formed and shaped. Others shatter: cast once, never to move again. Some metals are rare and exotic, exhibiting strange behaviours when heated or chilled, essential components of smartphones and batteries. Others are mundane, tedious, common … Continue reading

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Words about learning: journeyman

I’ve shared this story before: in the old days, watermills and windmills littered the countryside. You took your grain there to be ground between giant millstones. Those stones slowly wore down, the grooves cut in their surface faded away, until … Continue reading

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Words about learning: sculpture

There’s a school of thought about sculpture that you have to be able to visualise the shape that’s hiding within the block of stone. I’m not sure about that: the notion that the end result is somehow conceptually present within … Continue reading

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How to learn to paint

I’m on holiday this week, down in Devon with my niece and nephew. Ten year old Megan has asked me to give her some painting lessons, a thought that fills me with fear, not least because i don’t really know … Continue reading

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Road Trip: one foot in reality

This is my first time writing for over a week, the only break i’ve taken from the blog in two years. Two weeks in America have been filled with new experiences and wonderful memories: riding an airboat through the Everglades, … Continue reading

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Heading North: The end of the Journey.

All things come to pass. All journeys have a start and and end, and my journey ends tomorrow. Or at least, the physical act of travelling ends tomorrow. Maybe there is more to exploring and travelling than simply getting from … Continue reading

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The rise of battery angst. The era of technological dependency and plug hopping.

I seem to have slipped into a kind of obsessive behaviour. Like some kind of furtive, feral creature, i spend my days lurching from socket to socket in search of the elusive ‘fully charged’ mantra. The summer months, spent roaming … Continue reading

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