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How big is a ‘community’? Questions of size and scale in online communities of practice and collaborative learning environments.

When we set out to create an online community, we often seek to attract people to join in, to generate engagement. One of the features of online communities is that you need a certain critical mass to make it all … Continue reading

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The Transient Community. Understanding the role and impact of temporary learning communities and spaces.

Nothing lasts forever, but some things are more transient than others. When learners come together for classes or workshops, they immediately start to demonstrate elements of community building. Through speech, questions, clothing, behaviour and writing, they start to organise along … Continue reading

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Leader of the Gang. The dynamics of collaboration and loneliness in learning.

Whilst eating chips on the quay at Swanage this weekend, i was approached by a teenager with a questionnaire. I guess he was on a school geography trip, asking people whether they were residents or tourists. As the sun got … Continue reading

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Group dynamics in learning situations. How the mood of a group can change and how this can affect overall attitudes and success.

Understanding the dynamics of groups is like sailing. It’s predictable to an extent, generally manageable, occasionally becalmed with the chance of sudden devastating storms. As with sailing, you usually know where you want to get to, but the route can … Continue reading

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