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Aspects of Social Leadership #4: Where Are We?

‘Is your visit business or social?’ asked the iPad in front of me as i checked in to visit someone today. There was, sadly, no space for a free text answer, which was a challenge as the decision was far … Continue reading

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Sharing an extract from the new book: ‘Welcome to the Social Age’

I’m writing this week so, as is my usual practice, am sharing some of the live work as it tumbles out. The new book is provisionally entitled ‘Organisational Change in the Social Age’, and is based around the framework i’ve … Continue reading

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To Thrive in Chaos and Ambiguity

Uncertainty: a shifting landscape of expectations and alliances, technologies and goals. Ambiguity: what does winning mean anymore and will we ever stop striving? Ambiguity: that thing that used to work is less effective these days, the path is less clear. … Continue reading

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Why every business needs Social Leaders

Social leadership is a style of leadership the fosters innovation and creativity, collaboration and effectiveness. It does this by focussing on nine components that, together, develop the mindset and skills required to build reputation and authority in the Social Age. … Continue reading

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