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The Fragility of Power

All power has boundaries, all can be opposed. When we consider ‘power’ within our systems, we often think about gain, about strength, but equally valuable is to consider our fragility. Where do the edges lie, and what can split it … Continue reading

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I’m highly nervous: tomorrow morning i present the work on Black Swans and the Limits of Hierarchy. And i made the mistake of rehearsing it. I am very rarely nervous: i spend a good chunk of my time in conversations. … Continue reading

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The Fragile Organisation

I spent the last couple of days writing about fragility and impermanence. This is primarily in the context of performance, but today I was just reflecting on the fragility of many organisations themselves. We admire fragility when linked to beauty, … Continue reading

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Fragility and Impermanence

Nothing lasts forever, not monuments or mountains, not deserts nor seas, not stories or knowledge, not emperors or kings. Everything comes to pass, some things more rapidly than others. In an age of digital permanence, where our signatures are everlasting … Continue reading

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