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Foundations: Not Just Underneath

I did some research once asking people to illustrate leadership concepts, and then analysed the images that they drew. ‘Leadership’ tended to be pictures of growing flowers, shooting starts, rocket ships, lighthouses – images of growth and height (or rather, … Continue reading

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The Triangle of Trust: Intention, Action, Impact

I believe in a cocreated model of culture, where the action of every individual contributes to the experience of culture. Culture can be viewed as an artefact of behaviour, not simply an expression of intent. Today I want to introduce … Continue reading

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Laying The Foundations For Change

This is another #WorkingOutLoud post as i complete the final text for the new book. Today, expanding around yesterday’s work on the Foundations for Dynamic Change. Resistant organisations are ones that actively deny change: they identify change conversations and disempower … Continue reading

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Change Curve: Foundations

I’m just #WorkingOutLoud as i write what may be the final first draft section of the new book on Organisational Change in the Social Age. The Dynamic Change framework takes an organisation from ‘Resistant‘ to change, through ‘Constrained‘, and onto … Continue reading

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9 questions to see if your organisational view of learning is broad enough

Organisations often plan learning carefully around needs, provide formal interventions and then look at how well the learning is applied. But that’s not the only model: sometimes i’m curious, i reach out into my community and resource sites, i learn … Continue reading

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The architecture of learning: methodology and mortar

On the train this morning heading to the airport and i’m struck by the variety of architecture around me in the industrial district: glass, steel and stone arranged into a wide variety of imaginative and often playful designs. They’re not … Continue reading

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Road Trip: familiar landscapes

The familiar forms the foundation for our understanding of the new: I live by the beach at home, it’s a familiar landscape, but here, it’s a little different. Walking along the waters edge, the water is the same ocean, but … Continue reading

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