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The sense of community and the social: using virtual spaces for learning.

Three weeks ago i started the Learning Forum as a place to develop new ideas and collaborate in discussions around learning. We have nearly eighty people so far with discussion ranging across a number of topics around ‘learning‘. The recent … Continue reading

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Creating Communities of Practice for Coaching and Mentoring.

Being a practitioner is about more than just having knowledge. It’s about knowing how to use that knowledge. It’s about experience. It comes through practice, time, personal development and feedback. We’ve been doing a lot of work with large organisations, … Continue reading

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Who doesn’t want to speak to me? Methods for engaging with the disengaged in online communities.

Working with groups online is hard work. Some people want to engage fully, others are apparently disinterested or won’t engage at all. This is often particularly evident in Forums or community spaces, where a small part of the population tend … Continue reading

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