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The Change Leader: Framing Change

I’m considering aspects of change, #WorkingOutLoud as i explore the relationship between formal and social systems and the ways they impact on organisational change. In their formal capacity, a leader with hierarchical authority and responsibility can set the direction of … Continue reading

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A smoking culture

I visited a new office today, meeting people i’d never met before. Naturally i googled them first and checked out the website: vision, strategy, intent, it gave me great insight into the messages they wanted to broadcast. When i drove … Continue reading

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Can we keep social spaces social in a networked world?

Some moves in France this week to legislate that employees turn off their smartphones and work email at 6pm. It’s a move intended to give protection from the creeping erosion of the divide between social and formal spaces: the urge … Continue reading

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Sense making in the Social Age

Back from holiday and off to Bulgaria today to deliver a workshop about social learning and community management. I’ve never been to Bulgaria before, indeed, i’d be hard pushed to tell you anything about it whatsoever that went beyond media … Continue reading

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Formal and Informal sharing in the Social Age

Outside of formal channels is where some of the best sharing takes place: is where we conduct our ‘sense making‘ activities and forge broad connections to create new meaning. As the four walls of organisations become increasingly permeable, we see … Continue reading

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Creating an environment for #learning: collaboration and community

As i sat writing this morning, an elderly gentleman came to the table and asked me if he could lay out the International papers without disturbing me. I’m in the Icebreaker cafe, by the Amstel, one of my favourite writing … Continue reading

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Selling out Social Media. The corporate invasion of social spaces and why the people fight back.

The term ‘Social Media’ is becoming pervasive in many conversations about learning and development, but it’s not entirely clear that there is agreement about what it is, or whether it’s available to be sold. In tune with the theme, today’s … Continue reading

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